Jen and Nate // Highbanks Metro Parks // Columbus Wedding

ZK:  One of my favorite moments from this wedding was asking Jen and Nate to step into some tall grass so we could take some bridal shots in front of the amazing backdrop of the Highbanks Metro Parks. Jen moved so beautifully through this field that I didn’t have to say a word, it was just CLICK CLICK CLICK with my camera. Then when Nate joined her it was the same thing. They seemed so at ease and comfortable, both in front of the camera and with each other.

CH: Natural!    Models that IS! Light that IS! Setting that IS! (snaps suspenders, winks, and softshoes off stage)

ZK: I love these sunset weddings. You can’t ask for better light.  Mmmm…warm, golden, light.

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19 thoughts on “Jen and Nate // Highbanks Metro Parks // Columbus Wedding

  1. mmmm nothing better than super warm sunlight. lovely images. and i really like whatever font you’re using too… haha

  2. Lovely! So relaxed, and you captured the genuine warmth of everyone. Her dress is fab! So refreshing to see some whimsical, colorful embroidery.

  3. I was breathless when I saw her in that dress! She is gorgeous, and the design is incredible! You did it justice with some masterful photography- wonderful work!!

  4. Awww they look good together. By the way, I love Jen’s gown, very unusual design. I really love although I just hope she has a veil that matches her gown.

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