Kris and Aaron // Columbus Park of Roses // Wedding


CH: Any couples planning an outdoor wedding in Columbus can learn a thing or two from Aaron and Kris Shear. We were at the Whetstone Park of Roses when the rain decided to come down just before guests were arriving…and the Wedding Mall was uncovered, getting soupier by the minute. Aaron was quick to act, preparing a nearby pavilion to keep everyone dry during the ceremony. I don’t think Kris even knew what Aaron was up to.

ZK: Aww, their first fight, but I’m sure these two blokes worked it out over some pints at The Elevator, right mates?

CH: Um..Zak, The Elevator’s not an Irish pub, and blokes are men. Also, why would they fight about a great idea?

ZK:  It sure was a great idea, and we got some beautiful shots of the pavilion covered ceremony with the scenic park as the backdrop. Because their original location was rained out, we decided to return to the Park of Roses the following week to do some portraits of the newlyweds at sunset, and I’m so glad we did. I love this set of images, the light was fantastic and really made all the colors of the park come to life.

CH: Yeah. Perfect light. A good-looking couple. Gorgeous backdrop scenery. Makes taking good pictures a little easier…cheater.

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