Sarah & Dave // Cleveland Wedding Photography


So pleased to be back doing what I love in a city I love. Sarah and Dave are amazing people and put together a beautiful celebration downtown at the Ariel International Center. Thanks so much asking me to be a part of your wedding, Sarah and Dave! And thanks for Scott Shaw for shooting this one with me! Some of his images are mixed in below.

Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (34)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (37)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (27)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (1)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (15)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (18)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (19)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (49)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (25) Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (2)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (52)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (30)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (51)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (4) Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (3)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (20)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (8)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (54)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (16) Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (10)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (11)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (12)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (53)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (7)Ariel-International-Center-Cleveland-Wedding (5) Continue reading “Sarah & Dave // Cleveland Wedding Photography”

Jacquelyn & Chris Hodgson // Cleveland Wedding Photographer


A friend and fellow Cleveland wedding photographer, Victoria, asked me if I’d be interested in second shooting a big wedding she had scheduled for the end of May. Before I could answer she also added that this client was a well known food truck owner and had competed on The Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. Now, if you know me at all, you know I love all things food, and have a slight obsession with food related reality television (DO NOT TALK TO ME WHILE TOP CHEF IS ON ARE YOU CRAZY). So, of course I calmly said I would be happy to help out.

Chris and Jacquelyn were amazing! They were high school sweethearts and have been together for over 14 years! It was such an honor to be there to document their wedding. The location was beautiful, the food was incredible (obviously), and there were so many proud friends and family members that packed the dance floor all night. Well done, Hodgsons. Well done.

If you’re in the Cleveland area, go stand in line to get yourself some delicious food at either of Chris’s food trucks: Hodge Podge Truck or Dim and Dem Sum. Bring me some Sweet Potato Tater Tots!
You can also watch this talented chef compete on this season of Food Network’s Food Network Star! Best of luck Chris! And a big congratulations to you and Jacquelyn!

Grace-Lutheran-Church-Cleveland-Ohio-WeddingGrace-Lutheran-Church-Cleveland-OhioGroomsman-Getting-Dressed-Grace-Lutheran-Church-Cleveland-OhioGroomsmen-Getting-Ready-Hodgson-Wedding-ClevelandChris-Before-the-Wedding-Cleveland-Ohio-Grace-LutheranBest-Man-Cleveland-Ohio-Wedding Continue reading “Jacquelyn & Chris Hodgson // Cleveland Wedding Photographer”