Wedding Album Design // Columbus Wedding Photographer


Just after receiving my new studio sample wedding album in the mail, which I’m showing off here because I love it, I came across an article advocating that clients order printed wedding albums designed by their wedding photographer. She has some great points, especially about making sure your wedding photos don’t become obsolete!

“Do it for your grandchildren. Because when they root around in your attic in 2075, they will have no idea what do with a USB key anymore than they would with a laser disc player.” -Kathleen Trenske

You can check out the full HuffPost article here.

I looked at a lot of album companies before deciding who would be assembling albums for my clients. Craftsmanship and print quality had to be outstanding, and I wanted to make sure the finished product would hold up over time.

These album pages are printed on archival matte museum paper and the inks used are lightfast for generations. I couldn’t be happier with the print quality. The images look beautiful on the matte paper and I know they’ll continue to look that way for decades. The album pages lay flat and have no gutter or break at the binding. The full wrap photo cover has a protective coating that adds durability and resists smudges and fingerprints.

Although I custom design every album, the pics and the video should give you a sense of my aesthetic and overall approach to wedding album design.



Paper Bag Invites // Columbus Product Photography


Heather, a good friend of mine and a web/graphic designer here in Columbus, recently decided to add entrepreneurship to her long list of achievements. She started Paper Bag Invites and asked me to take some photos of her work for the upcoming website. I have just a few images below, but you can check out more custom invitation work at her website here: Congratulations, Heather! And best of luck on your new enterprise!


Columbus-Product-Photography-Paper-Bag-InvitesColumbus-Product-Photography-Paper-Bag-InvitesColumbus-Product-Photography-Paper-Bag-InvitesColumbus-Product-Photography-Paper-Bag-InvitesOhio-Product-Photography-Paper-PhotographsOhio-Product-Photography-Paper-PhotographsOhio-Product-Photography-Paper-PhotographsOhio-Product-Photography-Paper-PhotographsOhio-Product-Photography-Paper-Photographs        Continue reading “Paper Bag Invites // Columbus Product Photography”

Columbus Product Photography // Lea Gray Design by Paper Photographs

When I ran into Lea at Agora 8 a couple months ago, she started telling me about how she was giving up her day job to focus on her business full time. I always love hearing stuff like that; people taking the plunge to start making a living doing what they love to do. So she was going to need some product photography done for her online portfolio she was putting together and I told her of course we’d be happy to help out.

We scheduled two different shoots – one for the products themselves, and the other at the Park of Roses to get some lifestyle shots of people interacting with her work. Our models for the shoot, Kate and Lea herself, did a great job acting like rain wasn’t pouring into their eyes. Chris clocked the shoot time at a total of 8 minutes before the rain and strong winds forced us inside. We really wanted a softly lit, sunset look to the images, so we had to work some computer magic to turn that dark gray evening into a bright, golden sunset.

Note to all photographers out there: Always shoot RAW!

You can take a look at all of what Lea does on her website here at Lea Gray Design. Thanks for being an awesome client Lea, and best of luck on the new Lea Gray enterprise!

Lifestyle_Photography_Lea_Gray_Design Product_Photography_Lea_Gray_Design_Handmade_Cards Product_Photography_Lea_Gray_Design_Handmade_Card_Handbag Product_Photography_Lea_Gray_Design_Origami_Kusudama Lea_Gray_Design_Product_Photography_Hand_Sewn_Pillows_Wallets