Cholle and Ugur // Garden Wedding // Columbus Ohio

CH: To-do list for Cholle and Ugur – Make wedding dress and suit: check, cook delicious homemade food: check, hand craft decorations: check, setup in gorgeous backyard garden: check, get Play-doh: check, get married: check.

ZK: Summon a complete triple rainbow in the sky above wedding: NEGATIVE!! It was only a complete double rainbow. Sorry losers, your wedding wasn’t perfect.


Cholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Worthington-Ohio-Backyard-GardenCholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Columbus-Ohio-Outdoor-GardenCholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Columbus-Ohio-Garden-FlowersCholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Worthington-Ohio-BirdhouseCholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Columbus-Ohio-Home-InteriorCholle-Ugur-Gulcer-Wedding-Columbus-Ohio-Interesting-Trees Continue reading “Cholle and Ugur // Garden Wedding // Columbus Ohio”

Clintonville Farmers’ Market // Season Opens // 2011


CH: Saturday was opening day for the Clintonville Farmers’ Market in, uh, Clintonville. We headed over to see the good eats. It’s early season, but the farmers showed up with a great variety of fresh deliciousness. Just in time, too. My CSA bag has been filled with nothing but melted snow and dirt since November.

ZK: Fresh air and fresh food: A complete 180 from the last event we covered. If you haven’t been to this market yet, you should go check it out – especially if you’ve been craving leafy green lettuces, they’ve got those. It’s every saturday morning now from 9-noon. Click the links below for more info on the market and some of its vendors.

Clintonville Farmers’ Market, Paige’s Produce, Oink Moo Cluck, Sweet Things Gourmet, Swainway Urban Farm, Cafe Brioso, Patisserie Lallier, Triple J Farm, Melissa’s Incredible Edibles


Paper-Photographs-Clintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-2011Paper-Photographs-Columbus-Paiges-ProduceClintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-2011-Barrys-Bees-Honey-StandClintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-Swainway-MushroomsClintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-2011-Paiges-Produce-First-TomatoClintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-2011-Paiges-ProduceClintonville-Farmers-Market-Columbus-2011-Bunch-of-Tomatoes Continue reading “Clintonville Farmers’ Market // Season Opens // 2011”

Bandemonium 2011 // The Summit

ZK: A multi-challenge St. Patrick’s day eating contest that pitted local bands against each other and better judgement…

CH: This shit made me sick.

ZK: Oh yeah. Vicky and Lou, the hosts from The Summit, really outdid themselves coming up with the challenges. Nothing like watching warm beer wash down a mouthful of gas station sandwich and half chewed slim jim.

CH: My favorite contests weren’t even on the list. The beer shotgun champ embarrassed at least five challengers with lightning quick shotguns. Seriously, like two seconds. I turned around and she was done.

Summit-Bar-Columbus-Bandemonium-2011-The SummitSummit-Bar-Columbus-Bandemonium-2011-Shotgun Challenge!Summit-Bar-Columbus-St.-Patrick's-Day-2011Summit-Bar-Columbus-Bandemonium-2011-Peanut Butter Continue reading “Bandemonium 2011 // The Summit”

“Ya Got T-Fal?”


As often as I can, I like to travel back home to Cleveland to visit with friends and family for the Holidays.  It’s always the same deal, as I’m sure it is with most family gatherings, a few people have been toiling away in the kitchen since 5am, making an insane amount of delicious food that’ll be gone in minutes.  I was feeling a little guilty about that, so this past year I decided to make a contribution.  Not by helping in the kitchen, that would get in the way of my lying around time, but by documenting all the great looking food for posterity.  You’re welcome family!  Nap time.

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